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(and replace all Excel & Access files with a single system)

First Time Right + reduce waste by SPC on the shop floor

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ISO & HACCP compliant without stress or hassle

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Easy to use Lean manufacturing & Six Sigma tools

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Quality level of the entire organization increases

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The solution for your industry.

For businesses of all sizes

Start-up? Or Fortune500? You won’t be the first!
Alis is very flexible and works for business of all sizes.


Superb support

Alis is built and supported by engineers. Your questions are being answered directly by our engineers.

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100% online & live in no time

Alis is a webbased and hosted system.
It is designed to be implemented and maintained by the users themselves.

  Fast implimentation

Implementing Alis is simple. Users can implement and maintain the installation themselves. Alis is live in no time.

  Learn from current data

Our tools can provide valuable insights right away, because data can be imported from Excel.

  No need for instruction

Our intuitive screens minimize the learning time. User training is hardly needed. Start improving within hours.

  Straightforward pricing

Our pricing model is very simple. In the first meeting we can explain the total costs for the complete application lifecycle.

Customer cases

Koppert Biological Systems live after pilot

Improved quality at Bison International

Autoliv masters the quality of their life-saving products

Online quality dashboard for 500 products

Online quality dashboard for 500 products Royal VIV Buisman takes a firm step forward in QA & QC.

Free pilot

We would like you to experience the benefits of Alis for your organization based on your own data.
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