Increase production quality

(and replace all Excel & Access files with a single system)

First Time Right + reduce waste by SPC on the shop floor

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ISO & HACCP compliant without stress or hassle

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Easy to use Lean manufacturing & Six Sigma tools

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Quality level of the entire organization increases

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The entire organization is involved with quality

Data entry & import

Data can come from any source. Via manual entry or through interfaces.

Reporting & export

When the data is inputted in Alis, the real fun starts.
Now you can apply our analysis and reporting magic on your data!

All users can now digest, analyze and report all data accessible to them.

First time right, reduce waste

Quality cannot be inspected into the product. Quality is the result of a well understood and well controlled process.

Insight in quality

Knowlegde is power. Alis provides structure and context to all readings from laboratory or production. This provides insight into quality, on the current production run and trends over time.

Our tools boost your process towards stable, predictable processes and reduce waste.

Hassle-free & 100% compliant document management

Becaus Alis automates your routine jobs, you can focus on your actual challenges and improve quality.

Hassle-free document management.

All regulations and procedures can be managed digitally and fully conform the ISO, HACCP and BRC requirements. Your organization will be up-to-date at any time and any place with our automatic triggers and notifications.

Understandable processes

By importing your existing process flow charts you instantly create a vivid system that is clear and understandable for the entire organization. From these flow charts you can access all relevant documentation and forms.

Free pilot

We would like you to experience the benefits of Alis for your organization based on your own data.
Test Alis for yourself, no strings attached in a free pilot.

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