What we do

We are expert in quality management software. With unique webbased software and a tight focus on manufacturing companies we lift quality management to a higher level. We do this in the food & beverage, automotive, biotech and chemical industries.

Alis, our truly webbased laboratory & quality management system, offers exactly these reports and tools you need to monitor, control and improve our production processes.

Traditional systems focus on quality control. We improve processes. Quality will come naturally!

Who we are

Asystance is founded by Gerben de Haan and Jeroen Versteeg, engineers with a passion for quality, drive for innovation and focus on perfection.

In 2004 we were one of the first cloud based laboratory systems. This experience pays off every single day. Our software is used around the globe, in biotech, chemicals, food & beverages and bio tech.

All software we market is developed in-house. This way we know that all our products meet our standards, performs great under heavy circumstances and can handle the ambition of our customers.