Thousands of analyses per day, around the globe

From Canada to China and from start-up to Fortune 500

In chemicals, food, automotive, agro & biotech.

Bison International

Alis converts our data to information that enables us to optimize our processes.
This system offers exactly what we need.

Ben Lebeau, Quality Assurance Manager, Bison International

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Koppert Biological Systems

In no time I had configured the first forms to integrate our production with our laboratory.

André Bloem, Manager QC laboratory, Koppert Biological Systems

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Koopmans Meel

Alis helped us improving our production process by providing valuable analysis tools.
We can say that Alis helped us to improve our general quality level.

Arnold van der Weide, Projectleider Kwaliteit, Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken

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While weaving seat belts or airbags textile, it is essential to keep track of a large amount of quality data. We need to analyze and report this data in an easy and understandable way. Alis does exactly that! It contains all functionality to really help us improve our quality.

Quality Manager, Autoliv

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