Not a traditional LIMS

A traditional LIMS automates the workflow of the laboratory. This turns out to be the wrong focus for many manufacturing laboratories.

Our focus is unique! We help the organization to improve. We do this by focussing on the data analysis and reporting, for all those involved in quality management.

Alis boosts quality management!

The entire organization is involved with quality

Data entry & import

Data can come from any source. Via manual entry or through interfaces.

Reporting & export

When the data is inputted in Alis, the real fun starts.
Now you can apply our analysis and reporting magic on your data!

All users can now digest, analyze and report all data accessible to them.

Easy to use

Our user friendly interface makes Alis accessible for the entire organization.

For power-user and occasional user

Our screens are developed to offer power users all the tools they need, without confusing the occasional users with complexity or unknown features.

This way we make our tools for quality management truly available for everyone involved.

You don't have to be an IT specialist geek to work with Alis.

Team leader laboratory, Royal VIV Buisman

In no time I had configured the first forms to integrate our production with our laboratory.

Manager QC laboratory, Koppert Biological Systems

Quality management is teamwork

Our licensemodel stimulates the quality awareness of the entire organisation.


Because the entire organization should be involved, the number of users is unlimited.

Customers & suppliers

Manage all users and groups yourself. This enables access for customers and suppliers as well.

Permission mgmt

Configure precisely what your colleagues, customers and suppliers can input, see and modify.

Future proof.

Quality Manager

The quality manager of the future will spend less time on the operations, but focus on the long term improvement projects, to meet strategic quality targets.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control will shift towards Quality Management. Alis facilitates strategic quality management.

Automate routine.

The demand for quality registrations, analyses and reports from the market, regulatory bodies and the organization will only increase over time.

By automating routine tasks, you and your colleagues can focus on their actual challenges. This improves your overall performance without hiring additional forces.