SPC on the shop floor

By applying SPC on the shop floor your processes will become more stable and your waste will be reduced. Our clear SPC toolkit enables you to easily implement SPC in your shop floor processes.

Clear reports & statistics

Our easy to use charts and reporting tools make Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma available to the entire organization.

Quickly respond to non-conformities

Non-conformities are immediately recognized and reported. This enables you to anticipate on events in quality. You won't miss a non-conformity ever again!

Because all non-conformities are being archived, you can easily learn which of your suppliers, production lines or products are accountable for quality incidents.

Increase production quality

(and replace all Excel & Access files with a single system)

First Time Right + reduce waste by SPC on the shop floor

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ISO & HACCP compliant without stress or hassle

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Easy to use Lean manufacturing & Six Sigma tools

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Quality level of the entire organization increases

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