Unlimited number of users.

Chain integration with external access.

Integrate with instruments & systems.

Online, unlimited, secure & hosted.

Thousands of analyses per day, around the globe

From Canada to China and from start-up to Fortune 500

In chemicals, food, automotive, agro & biotech.

Your data is safe with us

Security, continuity and scalability are our top priority.


All data is transmitted over secure connections with an individual SSL-certificate.


The Alis datacenter is very robust and stable. Check our uptime statistics here.


Alis follows your growth. Our license model holds no limitations is storage or usage.

Available anytime & anywhere

Alis is a hosted solution. From our specialized data center in Amsterdam we host Alis 24/7 for our global customers.

You do not have to spend any time or money on the availability, backups or security. That’s being taken care of.

Software as a Service

Use without system administration.

Works on all devices

Without installing any software.

Quality management is teamwork

Our licensemodel stimulates the quality awareness of the entire organisation.


Because the entire organization should be involved, the number of users is unlimited.

Customers & suppliers

Manage all users and groups yourself. This enables access for customers and suppliers as well.

Permission mgmt

Configure precisely what your colleagues, customers and suppliers can input, see and modify.