Document Management

Compliance without hassle & 
Audits without stress

All documents in one smart system

Bring all documents from your manuals together in one integrated and smart system. This way documents can be cleverly linked to processes and forms, you always have the current version and the management is much easier.

The layout of the document management system can be completely determined by yourself. To make a jumpstart all existing documents can be uploaded in one go.

With the Online Office viewer, all documents can be opened directly from the browser without having to download them.

Complianc​e without hassle & stress

How much time and stress would you save if you knew that your handbook was always up-to-date and available everywhere? If links always worked and your colleagues could always find documents that are relevant to them?

We help our clients to focus on the content of their manuals, by removing the administrative burden.

Document Management made simple

Alis offers a flexible workflow for managing all documents that form your quality manuals.

Each user can easily submit an improvement proposal. The document owner then goes to work on this, asks colleagues for advice through the system and so ​ the new version of a document is a collaborative effort.

After publication everyone involved receives a message. This way you can be sure that everyone is up to date!

Documents & forms from
clickable flowcharts

Take ​your existing flowcharts and process diagrams ​from Visio or Powerpoint and bring them to life in Alis.

Simply link all relevant documents, forms or processes. This way you create live and 'clickable' flow charts.

This will make it much easier for your colleagues to find the right documents!

More insight via action panel & KPI's

Alis helps you to get a grip on your quality management.

Users always see what is expected from them, via their personal action panel on the start page. This stimulates quality involvement and ownership.

To give you a good understanding of how your processes run, Alis offers a series of statistics and KPIs. This way you can see exactly what is happening in the handbook, and you keep control of the current improvement processes.

This way you work together on better QA processes!


  • Drag & drop upload of all documents
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Accessible for the entire organization &
    su​pply chain (with permission management)
  • All common office & PDF formats
  • Upload all existing documents in ​one go
  • Automatic Document Register
  • Revision term per document
  • Online Office viewer (reading without download)
  • Easy ​search (on title ​+ contents)
  • Automatic version control & archiving
Compliant Document Management
  • Compliant with ISO/HACCP/BRC/GMP/...
  • Email notifications & reminders for overdue documents
  • ​D​igital modification processes
  • Automatic email triggers when user needs to take action
Visual flowcharts
  • Import existing flowcharts & diagrams
  • Easily connect documents, forms, graphs & patterns
  • Connect external links (to systems, files or video)
  • Create your own QHSE-forms and workflows
  • ​Integrated reporting
Quality Assurance Management
  • Statistics and KPI's
  • Trend analysis
  • Single Sign-on based on SAML2

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Alis Quality Intelligence Software gives Quality Management a boost.

In this demo we show you how quickly Alis can be set up for your factory, and how it can reduce failure costs by up to 20%.