About Alis


We strive to suprise our customers every day with the power and simplicity of our platform. We make Quality Management more fun with the clear and intuitive screens of Alis. Together with our customers we develop our platform every single day. All this to make their quality smart and omni-present.

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Ever since the start of Alis, in 2004, our software is 100% cloud based. Back in 2004 we were among the very first in the market to take this step. We benefit from these 15+ years of experience every day. We continue to work on improving our platform. This results in a very stable, robust and scalable platform.


Superior support

The thousands of lab technicians, operators and engineers around the globe that use our software every day deserve great support. First all, we provide them with a clear and intuitive application. Usability is a corner stone in our low consultancy approach. Additionally, we have a great online knowledge base and superior helpdesk. Our helpdesk is operated by our developers and implementation experts. Your questions will be answered by an expert immediately.

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100% remote

As cloud pioneers, we virtualized our own company as well. The Alis team works completely remote. Clear communication and various tools enable us to cooperate very efficiently . This allows all of us to create the perfect work life balance, but still operate as a team. Our experience with remote work are very valuable in the projects we do around the globe. There is no need for expensive business trips if you know how to cooperate remotely.