QHSE management

Get a grip on deviations, incidents, audits & CAPA with one smart integrated system

Powerful management system for incidents, complaints, inspections, audits, failures & CAPA

We help our clients to organize their incident & CAPA management processes smartly. With flexible forms and workflows you can quickly set up Alis for your processes. Thanks to smart alerts and triggers, the entire organization is actively involved.

Real-time reports and KPIs let you know where you stand.

This way you save up to 20% time and give your quality a boost.

One smart system for registration, follow-up & reporting

Our customers use Alis for the registration, follow-up and analysis of:

Complaints, deviations, failure costs, points for improvement, audits, safety notifications, accidents, action points, root cause analysis, environmental incidents, periodic inspections, training courses, batch records, raw material inspections, malfunctions, etc., and so on.

All data, including photos and documents, in one clear system. Actively managed workflows, triggers, automatic reports and KPIs make your work a lot easier.

This is how your QESH process will live and the organization will be involved in quality management.

R​eports & KPIs with ease

How much time would you and your team save with automatic reporting and data analysis?

We help our clients with super-fast data analysis and reports that you no longer have to worry about. This saves ​you a lot of ​time for the ​actual analysis of your data.


  • Easily create your own forms
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Very versatile:
    Complaints, deviations, points for improvement, audits, trainings, CAPA, safety incidents, environmental records, and more
  • Easily add photos and attachments
  • Central & personal action lists
  • Calendar for periodic events
  • Integration with procedures from the internal
    Document Management System
  • Complete control over setup forms
  • Automatic notifications and reminders in Alis and by email
  • Pie charts & Pareto analysis, trend analysis
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Upload your own reporting templates (8D, complaints, etc.)
  • Statisti​cs
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • ​Grant ​access to supply chain partners
    (customers & suppliers)

  • Works on PC, laptop, tablet, mobile
  • Advanced permission management
  • Single Sign-on based on SAML2
  • 2-way API for integration with other systems

Download 10 tips to make ​perfect QA/QC forms

As we need reliable data for reliable quality reports, nothing is as miserable as missing, incomplete or incorrect data.

Watch our online demo

Alis Quality Intelligence Software gives Quality Management a boost.

In this demo we show you how quickly Alis can be set up for your factory, and how it can reduce failure costs by up to 20%.