Technology behind Alis

One online platform for smart Quality Assurance & Quality Control

100% online & live in no time

Alis is an online system. No local software needed. This means that you always have all up-to-date quality information, documentation and reporting tools at hand. Users can set up and maintain Alis themselves.
So you are very flexible and live in no time.

Short implementation time

Implementing Alis is simple. Users can set up and maintain Alis themselves. This way Alis is super fast and grows with your factory.

Instructions not needed

Thanks to the intuitive screens, the learning time is minimal. User instruction is often not even necessary!

All measurement data in one smart system

How long does it take for all your data to be in Excel? Do several people work on the same Excel sheet? When is it really up-to-date?

API & integration

Alis offers a comprehensive API to exchange master + transaction data (all registrations) with external systems.

With this we, our customers and integrators, have built connections with ERP, MES, Excel, Access, websites, mobile apps, instruments, sensors, you name it.

The API works on HTTPS GET / POST based on JSON.

Our Security Measures

Our customers trust us with very important and sensitive data, documents and processes.

We take our responsibilities seriously. The safety and reliability of our software, systems and processes are our highest priority. Below are some of the measures that we have taken:

  • SSL encrypted traffic 
    All network traffic between Alis and your browser is encrypted with SSL encryption. This way we are protected against eavesdropping.

  • Separated databases & accounts
    Each Alis installation uses its own database and hosting environment. This makes the risk of information leakage as small as possible.

  • Single sign-on
    We offer the possibility to let user authentication take place via your own authentication server (e.g. Active Directory). This allows you to centrally control all accounts.

  • Security audits & penetration tests
    Alis and the underlying platform are regularly subjected to external audits and penetration tests. Both initiated by ourselves and by customers.

  • Backups
    A backup of all data and documents is made several times a day. Every backup is saved for 14 days. Our standard data retention is 20 years.

  •  Physical security‚Äč
    The Alis platform is hosted from state-of-the-art data centers of our hosting partner, with permanent physical monitoring, redundant connections, power supplies and generators, robust fire fighting and carefully controlled climate control.

  • Fallback
    The Alis platform has been implemented redundantly. Should the primary data center fail, it will automatically be returned to a fallback location containing an exact copy of all documents and data. Fortunately, we have never had to use this. But it gives us and our customers peace of mind!

  • Daily extensive automatic validation
    The entire application, including links and integrations, is automatically completely validated every day. This way we guarantee the correct operation and safety. It allows us to make updates very quickly without compromising operation, availability or safety.